You must have heard about a Casino Party or a Monte Carlo Night or Casino Night, all names are for one thing. But you may not be very clear about a Casino Party. So, here is enough information about the Casino Party or a Monte Carlo Night or Casino Night. Let’s start!

What is a Casino Party?

It is an event where you get to have fun and play in an actual casino, but instead of you and your guests going to a casino to play, the ‘casino’ is brought to you!

But you should know that there is a difference between “the real thing” and Casino Parties. Unlike a real casino, our casino-themed parties and events use casino chips. So, when the party starts, the guests of your party are provided with “funny money” to purchase chips at the tables. Guests can then start playing the games and compete to win prizes, often trading in their chips for number raffle type tickets that will be drawn at the end of the party/event.

Casino themed parties are very popular because they provide matchless entertainment and a night of fun.

There Is Nothing To Worry About If Your Guests Don’t Know How To Play All of the Games!

Casino Party Experts is the best source for casino themed parties and events where your guests will learn how to play casino games with our friendly and experienced dealers. They will familiarize your guests with the games and basic strategies of how to play and maybe even win.

As guests reach the party venue, they get a set number of chips to play casino games of their interest, and they are free to play for the set duration or when a person runs out of chips; it all depends on the “house rules of the host.” Like any other party, casino parties also have their own set of rules.

We Offer Many Games!

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Poker
  • Arcade Games

Type of Parties That Can be Organized with Us

A Casino Party can be organised for a wide range of occasions, from birthdays to conventions, corporate parties to casino fundraisers, and professional game tables that are very similar to those found in an actual casino.

Excitement Level Remains Same Throughout the Party!

At the end of the games, prizes can be distributed either by you, one of your sponsors, or the event host. It is up to you what prizes you give, but if you follow the law, they cannot be real cash or cash equivalents. You can choose prizes like a chicken dinner or a bottle of wine, a weekend trip or a new phone, etc.

We have a dedicated staff with many years of knowledge and experience.  For any queries on your upcoming Casino Party or Casino Event, you can simply fill out the contact form. Our team members will provide you a customized quote, often within one working day. If you need a quote sooner, you are always welcome to contact us by calling us at 615-985-5551.